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Curator & Producer: Alli Magidsohn
Speaker Development: Abigail Tenembaum and Michael Weitz of TAI Israel
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Lead Videographer: Miki Blank
Videographer and Video Editor: Reut Hahn
Lead Photographer: Arthur Fuhrer
Photographer: Aviv Ron
Press Liasion: Karin Kloosterman
Motion Graphics: Barak Koren
Afterparty: Anna LouLou Bar

Admissions Committee: Tania Hary, Wael Kubtan, Ifat Butel, Lindsay Citerman, Karin Kloosterman, Eyal Raviv, Galit Shaham, Galia Ozdogan & Stacy Feldman

On-Site Volunteers: Galia Ozdogan, Dikla Cohen, Stacy Feldman, Rifka Dzodin Miyara, Galit Shaham, Ifat Butel and Lindsay Citerman

Sending special thanks out to: U.S. Embassy - Public Affairs Division, the East West House, Aviad Arviv, Yigal Efrati, Yehuda Flor, Fouad Salman, Aziz Abu Sarah, Michal Habdank-Kolaczkowski, Danny Gal, Gadi Kenny, all of the speakers & partners, and all of the above friends and volunteers who have generously donated their time, energy and inspiration to materialize this idea worth, all of the people out in virtual space who 'Liked'/'Retweeted' us out into the ether - many thanks to all of you, too!

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