The period to submit an application to attend TEDxJaffa is now closed and space is no longer available to attend. If all goes as planned, you should be able to view the event in a live Webcast on September 7 from this website's homepage. A public simulcast is also in the works, but please stay tuned to the TEDxJaffa Facebook page for more information on that. Many thanks for your interest!


We invite you to join us on September 7, 2011, from 2pm – 10pm, for TEDxJaffa - 'Desire to know The Other'.

Due to a very limited number of places available to attend the live event, we ask people to apply to participate in TEDxJaffa. The application period will be open from June 21-July 28, after which, submissions will be carefully reviewed by committee, with attendees selected based on a broad set of criteria aimed at creating as diverse an audience as possible. If demand for the event significantly exceeds capacity, we hope to set up a simulcast at a different location in Jaffa.

To apply to attend TEDxJaffa, please fill out the questionnaire, to the right, in English. Note that incomplete submissions will be automatically disqualified. Those selected to attend the event will be contacted via email on August 7 with details about how to complete their registration at that time. If you do not hear back from us by that date, we hope to be in touch with you at a later date via email with information about how to attend a local simulcast.

Note that the entire program will be in English and there will be a nominal payment of 125 NIS (via PayPal, including an evening meal) to cover costs and ensure attendees' commitment to participate in the event.
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  I understand that those who attend TEDxJaffa do so in a spirit of curiosity, open-mindedness, respect and tolerance, thereby enabling constructive conversation and allowing TEDxJaffa speakers to be more open than they might otherwise be. I confirm that I will respect these values, and understand that the atmosphere at TEDxJaffa is appropriate for high-level relationship-building, not salesmanship. I confirm I will not use my TEDxJaffa attendance to aggressively pitch my company, organization, products or services to other attendees.
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